CyI VisLab

The Cyprus Institute (CyI) Visualization Laboratory (VisLab) allows researchers from all disciplines of science, engineering and art to conduct simulation and visualization research to better understand complex phenomena and translate data into images on large-scale and high resolution visualization walls or other display devices.

Many of the topics under investigation by the Cyprus Institute require researchers to interpret and visualize massive amounts of data in an easily comprehensible manner. The laboratory supports the Institute’s mission of teaching, research and community engagement.

The CyI visualization lab is developing into a dedicated Research Cluster that can actively promote a unique, inter-disciplinary culture that supports the wide range of research activities at CyI. It currently features state-of-the-art equipment, including:

  • 3D Stereoscopic Projector Systems
  • Virtual Director platform for interactive remote collaboration
  • Virtual Reality Technology: Oculus Rift stereoscopic goggles & Virtuix Omni treadmill


Facility Prospects:

  • Immersive real-time 3D virtual environments for education and learning
  • 3D modeling & production of high quality digital animations
  • Virtual representation of objects



To facilitate the use of our visualization resources, CyI staff provide training on the various technologies, programming languages and software packages that will enable researchers to get the best results from their efforts. Please consult the CyI training calendar for more information. If you would like to be trained on the use of the systems in the CyI Vislab, please contact us.


Please contact us about visiting the visualization laboratory and to arrange a tour.